Minutes July 11, 2016

MINUTES: July 11, 2016

Mabel League Team Rep and Executive Meeting

Alma Blackwell Common Room, 1656 Adanac Street Vancouver, B.C. V5L 2C6

Present:  Exec: Terra, Shelley, Tammy, Emma, Rebecca;  Team Reps: Sue (Biggest Hits), Paige (Tanks), Lucy (Heartbreakers), Jena and Pia (Team Sway), Deanna (Reckless), Robin (Beavers), Lisa (BB9), Suzanne (Isotopes), Chrissy (Oddballs), Katie (Deep in the Bush), Robyn (leonard. Marla Hooch), Clare (Plan B)

Called to order at 7:01 p.m.

Chair: Tammy

  1. Welcome and Introduction (round)
  2. Executive 2016 recruitment – We’re looking for executive members for next season – there are some current exec members who will not be running again for next year. Please mention it to your teammates.
  3. AGM September 12th – proposals for amendments to the Constitution or Bylaws must be submitted 21 days in advance in the prescribed form (found on the website). If you have anything else to be addressed, it can be done in a team rep meeting.  Since this is the last team rep meeting for this season, you can still bring other issues to the AGM, just please advise the Exec in advance in order that it can be put on the agenda and attendees can be informed that there will be a discussion.


  1. Scorebooks due, collected by Terra.
  2. Discussion ensued around eligibility for Finals. There are two teams who will not be able to field a team for finals if the 5 game requirement is enforced.  It was agreed that everyone respects the reasons behind the 5 game minimum requirement, and teams are requested to not “stack” their teams for the Finals.
    MOTION:  to lower the minimum requirement for regular season games played in order to qualify to play for a team in the finals tournament to 2 (two).    Passed unanimously.
  3. It was raised that people seemed to enjoy the LIL set-up whereby all division finals were played when no other games were underway. In order to do this for the Finals, we will need to find another field and add a Friday night game.  Team reps agreed that people want to see all the final games, so the exec will find another field for Friday night (likely to be Connaught).


  1. Reminder re Finals volunteer positions coming from Bri via email.
  2. Softball Championships – watch for an email from Bri with details about tickets and the bus. Also please send Bri an email at mabel@mabelleague.com with your team’s vote on whether the bus should leave at 8:30 a.m. or 10:30 a.m.  Majority will rule.

New Business

LIL tournament photos are being edited currently (there were over 1000 taken) and will be put onto a private website as soon as they’re ready. Watch your email for the details.

Rained out games from last week will not be rescheduled as there are no available fields in the week we have between now and Finals.  Scores will be reported as a tie.

A suggestion from the floor that impartial volunteers be asked to keep score at final tournament games in order that the Umpire need not have to decide any discrepancies between teams.  It was agreed that this is a good idea.  It probably won’t happen for this year’s finals, but will be taken under advisement for next season.

There will be a social event on the Saturday of finals – details to be determined, stay tuned.

There will not be food trucks at Finals.

A question from the floor around how teams are seeded was raised.  The answer is that it is done at the discretion of the Executive each season after deposits from teams have been received.  Year end standings are weighted 50/50 on league play and Finals results.  Assuming no major roster changes, the Executive uses those standings to divide registered times into divisions.  If a team has made significant changes to their roster from the previous season, they should write to the Executive to outline those changes in order that the team be properly seeded.  Sometimes there is going to be a large range of ability within a division.  This is unfortunate, but won’t last forever!

It was suggested from the floor that perhaps an “ice-breaker” tournament could be held at the beginning of the season and seeding determined based on those results.

Meeting adjourned.

Minutes June 13, 2016

MINUTES: June 13, 2016

Mabel League Team Rep and Executive Meeting

Alma Blackwell Common Room, 7:00 pm

Present: Exec – Allie, Shelley, Terra, Rebecca, Bri, Emma.  Team Reps – LJ (Marla Hooch), Dennis (leonard.), Clare (Plan B), Pat (Tanks), Laura (Heartbreakers), Pia (Team Sway), Romy (Isotopes), Crystal (Oddballs), Ruth (DitB), Devon (Biggest Hits), Robin (Beavers)

Chair: Allie (for Tammy)

  1. Welcome and Introduction (round)
  2. AGM September 12th – at this meeting any proposals to amend the bylaws will be voted on, and a new executive elected. Please consider running for a position – there will be openings.  If you would like to discuss job descriptions, they are posted on the website and any current exec would be happy to talk about them.  A reminder that if you do have a proposed amendment to the bylaws, you must submit it in writing, in the appropriate form (also available on the website) 21 days before the meeting (i.e. .August 22)
  3. LIL Tournament debrief: some feedback was received, such as the semi-finals played by the competitive division not being clear and the other divisions not being seeded properly.  The feedback has been duly noted and teams can rest assured that divisions will be seeded properly for the Finals tournament (the LIL was a fun tournament outside of season play so seeding was not paramount, for the Finals it is).  Feedback also suggests that people loved playing at Connaught, especially as all the fields are together.  It was also suggested that flip-cup, even though there were non-alcohol options available, is a little too focused on drinking.  Suggestion that next year there be more emphasis on the lawn games etc.  People seemed to like having an evening event on the Saturday at the field, so next year there will be more effort put in to that event.
  4. Congratulations to the Rebels who won the Recreational Division; BB9 who won the Intermediate Division (and donated their cash prize back to the league in recognition of having been allowed to drop down a division for the tournament) and the Leftovers who won the Competitive Division.

Co-Chair:  Allie

  1. Clinics – there is another set of weekend clinics planned for June 18 and 19. Both days still have space available.  Please pass this along to your teams.
  2. Statistics – an up-do-date listing has been created: Wombats, 2. Tanks, 3. BB9, 4. Marla Hooch, 5. Ballerz, 6. Plan B, 7. somethin’ naked, 8. leonard., 9. Sway, 10. Beavers, 11. Reckless, 12. Rebels, 13. Isotopes, 14. Heartbreakers, 15. Deep in the Bush, 16. Oddballs, 17. Biggest Hits

Treasurer: Rebecca

  1. We’re on track so far this year.

 Special Events: Bri

  1. Update on Softball World Series – money is being collected tonight, and tickets will be purchased shortly. Team reps are responsible for getting these from Bri and handing them out to their players.  If people don’t want to commit to tickets now, there will still be room on the bus for people who want to buy tickets at the field.

Registrar: Terra

  1. Scorebooks due at July team rep meeting
  2. Tips for completing scorebooks properly: ensure the team name is on the book; ensure that all names are clearly written, please use proper names, not nicknames; if you have more than one person of the same name on your team, please ensure last names are included.  Please include the spreadsheet that will be forwarded to you by email shortly.

 Schedule: Allie (for Alana)

  1. Update on rainout rescheduling: the couple of rainouts we’ve had so far have been rescheduled.
  2. Rescheduling requests: There have been a couple of requests to reschedule games for convenience – we don’t do that.  Please pick up players from the sub list so you don’t forfeit.  We also suggest you add all your players to the Facebook subs group so the whole league can see when a team is looking for a sub.

 Fields: Emma

  1. Templeton: The field is in dire need of attention.  A complaint has been lodged with the City.
  2. Clark Park: A request from the floor was received to obtain a porta-potty for the field for the duration of our season.
  3. Code of Conduct: Formerly known as the zero tolerance violence policy.  After going through a consultation process (survey, feedback, drafting) a final draft has been made for presentation.  With a couple of friendly amendments from the floor, the Code of Conduct was passed unanimously.  Please see the attached.

New Business

Team Sway requested an update of plans for fun.  Bri reported that the movie night fell through as the Rio requires a lot of notice for renting out the theatre. Sway also wanted to know if there will be an extra field available for finals to use for fun games.  As soon as the Exec has drafted the finals schedule we’ll get back to everyone about extra field availability.

Bri enquired of team reps whether they forward information to their teammates.  It would appear that not everyone has been as Bri keeps getting emails from players about things she has sent out information to team reps about.  Also, please “like” Mabel posts on Facebook, this helps boost the audience who see the posts.

Meeting adjourned.


To the Operating Rules of the Mabel League
The Mabel League is committed to fostering a safe and welcoming space for all people to enjoy the sport of softball.
All members of the league are encouraged to recognize their roles and responsibilities, on individual, team and community levels, in supporting the maintenance of a positive, fun and safe environment based on the core values of mutual respect and inclusiveness.
To support this commitment, the Mabel League holds a zero tolerance policy for improper conduct – ranging from poor sporting behaviour to bullying behaviour to acts of violence. This policy applies to league members (including players, coaches, managers and scorekeepers), umpires, and spectators. The policy requires that all persons participating in Mabel League sanctioned events demonstrate good sporting behaviour and treat other participants with civility and respect.
The following types of conduct are considered to be in violation of the shared commitment to (1) good sporting behaviour and (2) maintaining a safe and inclusive environment: insulting, slanderous, and/or derogatory language, including attempts to deliberately embarrass; verbal/physical baiting or taunting; verbal/physical harassment; throwing of articles in a deliberate or aggressive manner; threatening behaviour, including aggressive physical approaches to another individual or group; intentional physical striking of another individual (including pushing, punching, tripping, shoving, etc); attempting to provoke or entice violence in others.
If you engage in any of the conduct outlined above, then your actions may result in disciplinary action, as defined below.
Under the Mabel League By-laws the Executive has the power to expel, suspend or otherwise discipline Members of the League.
From Section 2 of the By-laws:
(4) The Executive may expel, suspend or otherwise discipline any Member who in
their opinion is guilty of conduct which is improper or unbecoming for a Member of the
Society, or is likely to endanger the interest or reputation of the Society or is a breach of
these Bylaws, but the Executive may not expel, suspend or otherwise discipline any
Member until that Member has been notified of the proposed action and has been given
an opportunity to be heard by the Executive.
Process for Dealing with Policy Breaches
In accordance with the Society bylaws, improper conduct (as outlined by this policy) is subject to discipline and may result in loss of membership.
Violations of the Code of Conduct should be made in writing and submitted to the Chair and/or Co-Chair of the Mabel League Executive within a reasonable period of time. The Chair and/or
Co-Chair will refer the matter to the Rules and Grievances Committee*. In the normal course of action, the Rules and Grievances Committee will review and take action to investigate the violation. Investigation of a violation may include, but is not limited to:  Contact and follow up with the Member(s) directly involved within 72 hours of the violation being reported; Gathering of information and/or request for submission of a written statement of the occurrence by the Member(s) directly involved within seven days of the violation being reported; Gathering of verbal and/or written statements of the occurrence from the umpire, team leads, and/or other key witnesses to the occurrence within seven days of the violation being reported.
Once information has been gathered, and before any disciplinary action is taken, the Member(s) accused of violation will be given the opportunity to be heard by the Rules and Grievances
Committee.  At the conclusion of the investigation process, the Rules and Grievances Committee will decide upon disciplinary action and will put a recommendation forward to the Executive for a final decision. The recommendation will necessarily include: a description of the violation, a summary of the context in which the violation occurred as well as the information gathered, key
considerations that informed the decision, and the recommended disciplinary action. It is up to the Executive to rule on the recommended disciplinary action. If the recommended action is not
approved, the Executive will be responsible for determining an alternate course of action based on consideration of the information put forward. Once a decision is reached, the Rules and
Grievances Committee will communicate the decision in person and/or in writing to the Member(s) involved.
Depending on the extent and severity of the behaviour, and/or repeat incidences of the behaviour, penalties could include: temporary or permanent probation (including league membership
conditions, such as limitations on participation in certain divisions as a player or spectator),  suspension from some or all League events and activities for a specified period of time, or a permanent expulsion from the League.
In the case of a situation where violence has occurred or been threatened, the Executive may require the offending Member to immediately cease attendance at all Mabel League functions,
including all League games, in advance of a scheduled hearing. This temporary suspension pending resolution of disciplinary proceedings cannot be appealed. In addition, where appropriate, the League may choose to refer the matter to the Vancouver Police Department.
Rules and Grievances Committee
The Rules and Grievances Committee will include a Team Representative from each of the League divisions (recreational, intermediate, and competitive) as well as the Umpire in Chief and
the Mabel League Co-Chair. Memberships on the Rules and Grievances Committee will be renewed each season, with appointments to the Committee approved by the Executive.
[Cross-reference Operating Rules, Section 10 “Rules and Grievances Committee”].
All decisions on disciplinary matters made by the Rules and Grievances Committee can be appealed by the Team Rep for the individual’s team. All appeals must be made within 24 hours
of the decision in order to be considered. Appeals must be typed and submitted in person or via e-mail to the Mabel League Chair and Co-Chair.  All appeals will be directed to the Executive.
Appeals cannot be made regarding decisions over a one game suspension.
* In the event of a conflict of interest with a member of the Rules and Grievances Committee (i.e. a player on the team of one of the parties) that person will recuse themselves and will be replaced by a member of the Mabel League Executive as requested by the Umpire in Chief.

Team Rep Meeting May 9, 2016 Minutes

MINUTES: May 9, 2016

Mabel League Team Rep and Executive Meeting

Alma Blackwell Common Room, 1656 Adanac Street Vancouver, B.C. V5L 2C6

PRESENT:  Exec: Rebecca, Allie, Tammy, Emma, Shelley, Terra, Alana; Team Reps: Paige (Tanks), Jodi (leonard.), Jodi (Ballerz), Robin (Beavers), Stephanie & Becky (BB9), Chrissy (Oddballs), Ruth (DitB), Devon & Sue (Biggest Hits), Clare (Plan B), Rachel (Rebels), Caitlin (Isotopes), Amanda (Heartbreakers), Deanna (Reckless), Pia & Jena (Team Sway)

Called to order at 7:00 pm

Chair: Tammy

  1. Welcome and introduction round.
  2. Facebook: There is a new group on Facebook, for subs. If you are a team, please make sure you’ve signed up for the group. Then when you’re looking for a sub, please check there. If you are a player who just can’t get enough softball, please put your availability there.

Co-Chair: Allie

  1. Skills Clinics – successful first round of clinics. How do reps feel? Feedback from the floor was that they were awesome, especially for new players. Allie suggested June 18/19 for more clinics, provided there is interest. 2 levels of clinics are planned – newer players and more advanced players.   There was interest from the floor in batting, positioning and pitching for both levels. Allie will email the team reps about interest and possible dates.

LIL update:

  1. We are confirmed for Connaught Park. There will be a Saturday night event at the field – in the clubhouse, so please tell your teams to mark that in their calendars.


  1. Please remember that both teams need to submit the score on the website within 24 hours of the game.

Registrar: Terra

  1.  Rosters were collected
  2. LIL entry forms were collected
  3. New players List – lots of recreational level players are still on the list. Please consider picking one up.

Treasurer: Rebecca

  1.  Balance of team fees were collected
  2. LIL fees were collected

Special Events: Bri

  1.  For the LIL, there will be a Friday night burger and beer event again. This year it will be at Cedar Cottage, and cost $18 cash for the beer and burger. There will be other beverage options.
  2. LIL prizing: There will be a costume prize this year. So get your team out in costume on Saturday (to try to de-throne the Nakeds!)
  3. Field Trip to Softball City – the league will be providing a free bus out to Surrey for the Softball Championships on July 16. Leaving from and returning to Trout Lake. Tickets to a day’s worth of games will cost $20. Team reps will be responsible for taking names and money from their players who wish to attend. Look for the email from Bri to follow.
  4. Volunteer Positions: a bit late this year for sign up due to the relocation of the LIL to a venue that doesn’t need as much attention. Bri will send out an email – every team must be signed up for a volunteer position.

Fields: Emma

  1.  Permits – please take a copy of our field permits with you to the fields. A few teams have experienced issues with others trying to assert rights over our fields. Emma will email out the permits to team reps.
  2. Zero Tolerance Violence policy – Updates are being made to the policy and procedures based on survey responses. The next step is holding a meeting of interested parties. Please send your name to the Chair if you are interested in attending the meeting. By the June meeting the draft policy and procedures will be finalize and presented to the team reps to vote on.

UIC: Shelley

  1.  Rainout Policy – We have to make a call about announcing a rainout by 3:30 on weekdays and 1:30 on weekends or we have to pay for the umpire regardless. We tend to lean towards letting the games go on if there is any doubt about the weather. The umpires can then call the game at the field if the weather is too bad to play in. However, after receiving feedback from teams about potential for injury when playing on wet fields, we will be revising the policy to allow for team reps to call the game at the field if they feel it would be dangerous to play. All teams are encouraged to be supportive of teams choosing to exercise this option.
  2. Grievance Committee – we need a volunteer from each of the divisions to sit on this committee. Thank you Pia (intermediate), Paige (competitive) and Suzanne (rec) for agreeing to sit on the committee this season.

New Business

There being no new business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:20 p.m.

Minutes April 4 2016

MINUTES: April 4, 2016

Mabel League Team Rep and Executive Meeting

Alma Blackwell Common Room, 1656 Adanac Street Vancouver, B.C. V5L 2C6

Present:  Exec – Alana, Tammy, Bri, Emma, Rebecca, Allie, Terra; Team Reps – Jodi (leonard.), Paige (Tanks), Gianna, Michelle and Danica (Reckless), Kim (BB9), Steph and Sophie (Rebels), Clare (Plan B), Chris  and Carmen(Biggest Hits), Pia (Team Sway), Suzanne (Isotopes), Katie (DitB), Lauren (Marla Hooch), Coree and Kathryn (somethin’ naked), Robin (Beavers)

7:00 pm: RULES CLINIC with Softball BC Umpire Sindy

There are no new rule changes for Softball BC this year.  The only change to Mabel League rules is the modified pitch (see attached for the definition) which modifies the orthodox pitch rule we’ve been operating under for years into a pitch more in line with what our pitchers are actually doing.

There is an umpire clinic on April 16the for anyone interested in learning to umpire slow-pitch games.  Contact Pat Dooley to sign up (vsua@shaw.ca 604-525-3094)

Questions:  Clarification of use of the orange bag at first base:  In general the batter uses the orange bag as they run along the marked base line, and the first base fielder uses the white bag.  This is for safety reasons as first is a base you are expected to run through rather than land upon.  The only time this changes is if the catcher is throwing a ball to first base down the running line and it is safer for the fielder to use the orange bag to avoid a collision with the runner.  The runner would then use the white bag.  After the runner runs through first base, it does not matter if they turn in to the field or out to the sidelines.  What matters is the intent to continue to second base.  If there is no intent, the runner cannot be tagged out as they return to first base.  If there is intent, as indicated by an effort to get to second, they can be tagged out on their return to first base.

Infield Fly Rule:  These three things must occur:  1) at least first and second must be occupied, or bases loaded 2) Fewer than 2 outs and 3) reasonable effort by a fielder could result in catching the ball.  The umpire will call the batter automatically out.  The runners, once the ball is touched, can run or not as they want.

Please, can all teams make sure they have extra base pegs.  For safety reasons bases need to be pegged down with 2 pegs.  Please ensure you have enough to do so, plus spares.

It was suggested that after you measure your distances between bases, that you pace the bases to ensure that there are the same number of paces between each.  (Approximately 25 paces is normal)  If any are out, please adjust before pegging the bases so that the umpire does not have to make you move the base when they come to check.

Followed by the Team Rep Meeting:

 Chair: Tammy

  1. Welcome and introductory round.
  2. We have had some changes to the executive and are operating with a smaller than usual executive and have a couple of new members part way through the season. We anticipate that several people will be stepping down at the end of the season, so would like to encourage anyone who is interested in running for the Board at the AGM in September, to contact the Exec now to get information and perhaps to begin shadowing the position.

Co-Chair: Allie

  1. Skills Clinics – the clinics will be run by Shannon again this year, and offered without cost to league players. Space is limited so a lottery system will be used to fill the spaces, and a wait-list kept.  April 16 and 17 will have 2 sessions of “The Game”, 2 sessions of “Fielding and Positioning”, 2 sessions of “Batting” and 1 session of “Pitching and Catching”.  A reminder that you must sign up for the Pitching and Catching as a pitcher and catcher pair.  Later in April there will be a sit-down session of “Coaching”, location and date tba once we have found a venue.  Kathryn from the nakeds offered her house for that session.  Details tba.

Schedule: Alana

  1. Schedule update/progress – games will begin the week of April 18 and the schedule will be out next week. Same days as we usually play, on the same fields, and there will be cross-divisional play.

Fields: Emma

  1. Zero tolerance policy – it was suggested that we look at the policy to ensure it is in line with other organizations’ and our values, and ensure we have procedures to deal with infractions. Emma will be circulating a survey to team reps to pass along to their team members.  A revised policy will be crafted from the survey results.  A meeting with interested parties will be held to discuss the revision before finalization.  Please contact Emma if you are interested in being part of the meeting.

UIC: Tammy for Shelley

  1. Hand out softballs – one dozen for each team, please pick up after the meeting.

 Registrar: Terra

  1. LIL Registration forms and fees due May 9, 2016 (you may submit payment with your league fees, we don’t need separate payments)
  2. New players list – updated list will be coming to reps tomorrow. Reminder to tell the Registrar if you pick up players from this list.
  3. Insurance – everyone will need to go onto the SPN website to update their insurance for this season. Team reps will receive an email when the site is ready, then must get all their players to sign-in prior to playing.  NO ONE CAN PLAY WITHOUT INSURANCE.
  4. Rosters – please hand in paper ones on May 9, 2016, and update electronically with every player you have play for you, including subs regardless of how many games they play for you.

Treasurer: Rebecca

  1. Balance of team fees due May 9. Team fees have been lowered to $1100 and everyone has paid a $250 deposit, so the remainder is $850+$200 forfeit bond ($1050 total) – a spreadsheet of exactly what is owing by each team (taking into account contribution awards and forfeit bonds not cashed in 2015) will be sent to team reps before the May 9th
  2. LIL fees ($350) due May 9 – please feel free to include this with your league fees payment – we accept cheques to “Mabel League” or e-transfers to treasurer@mabelleague.com
  3. Secretary – reminder to have a team rep from each team sign in on the Sign In sheet for each meeting.
  4. Budget update – as mentioned above, the numbers work out to allow us to lower league fees to $1100 this year. Some events have been removed as we are not holding them this year, and savings in having purchased balls and prizing last year have us in the position of having enough money to reduce fees.

MOTION:  To accept the 2016 budget as presented.  Suzanne.  2nd by Jodi.  Passed unanimously.

Special Events: Bri

  1. Update on planned events – still working on tickets for the Softball Worlds for the weekend before our finals (first weekend of that tournament). If you have any ideas for events, please send them to mabel@mabelleague.com

New Business – None

Meeting adjourned at 7:45 p.m.





The pitcher MUST:

  • Must start with both feet on the
  • Have their hips and shoulders fully square to home
  • Pause while holding the ball in front of the (The ASA requires a 1-to-10 second pause before the pitch. However precedent is for only a brief but distinct pause. The intent of rule is to prevent the pitcher from gaining unfair momentum for the pitch, or “quick-pitching” a batter.)

The pitcher MAY:

  • Hold the ball in either the glove or the pitching hand.


The pitcher MUST:

  • Start the backswing directly out of the paused
  • Move the pitching hand backwards to start the The pitcher MAY:
  • Take the ball behind the back, outwards, or over the head during the
  • Bring the arm above the shoulder
  • Lift their front foot off the
  • Slide or drag the pivot foot, so long as it remains in constant contact with the
  • Rotate the body towards first or third The pitcher MAY NOT:
  • Step backwards or sideways off the
  • Use a :windmill” (In a windmill motion, the backswing and delivery are in one continuous circular motion.)
  • Use a crow-hop delivery. A “crow hop” is defined by the ASA as jumping off the pitching rubber and re-planting the back foot before releasing the It effectively shortens the distance to home plate and is illegal in all forms of fastpitch.  However, it is legal to “leap” off the rubber during the delivery so long as pitcher does not re- plant the pivot foot and remains in constant contact with the ground.)


The pitcher MUST:

  • Deliver the ball in a full underhand motion. (Sidearm pitches are )
  • Release the pitch on the first forward movement past the
  • Roughly square the shoulders to home plate at the point of (No pitcher squares the shoulders fully at the time of release, owing to the effects of the stride. The intent of rule is to eliminate cross-body slingshot deliveries.)

The pitcher MAY:

  • Throw any legal softball pitch such as a curve ball, drop ball, slider, knuckle ball, (Needless to say, spitballs, foreign substances, ‘scuffballs’, and the like are illegal.)
  • Point the palm downward upon release.

Minutes March 7, 2016

MINUTES: March 7, 2016

Mabel League Team Rep and Executive Meeting

Alma Blackwell Common Room – 7:00 pm.

Present:  Exec: Tammy, Bri, Shelley, Alana, Emma, Rebecca; Team Reps: Paige (Tanks), Shawna (Rebels), Natasha (Ballerz), Clare (Plan B), Chrissy and Crystal (Oddballs), Katie (Deep), Portia (Isotopes), Amanda (Heartbreakers), Michelle (Reckless), Lauren (Marla Hooch), Terra (Wombats), Dennis (leonard.), Doris (BB9), Sue (new team), Romy (Beavers)

Called to order at 7:02 p.m.

Chair: Tammy

  1. Welcome and Introduction (round)
  2. Survey: A survey was circulated to team reps with respect to last meeting’s discussion of whether we should continue to allow players to play on more than one team, in more than one division.  The overwhelming result of the surveys was that yes, we want to continue to allow this (only up/down one division though).
  3. Facebook: Is there interest in adding a forum to the Facebook page for teams to advertise for subs and players to indicate availability to be picked up as a sub?  The floor responded that Yes, there is.

Co-Chair: Allie (presented by Tammy)

  1. Skills Clinics: will be back this year. Requests received from the floor for a catcher’s clinic and adding positioning into “The Game”

Registrar: Meg (presented by Tammy)

  1. Reminder that SPN and Roster forms are due May 9 (but players can be added after that date)
  2. Reminder that LIL Registration forms are due May 9
  3. New players list has about 20 names on it. Reminder to please contact Meg if you pick up a player from the new player’s list so that the list can be updated accordingly.
  4. New teams update: No one contacted Meg for a new team package.  One registration fee has been received for a new team.  There may be a second coming in.
  5. Team Rep and Exec Contact info: Please ensure we have the proper email address for your team rep.

Special Events: Bri

  1. Meet Mabel report: The event was successful.  20+ potential new players came out and put their names on the list.  These names have been forwarded to Sue, who is forming a new recreational team and who has invited them all to a practice.
  2. Events planned update: There will be no Meltdown this year.  A couple of events in the works are group tickets to the Softball World Series (the weekend before our finals) and rental of the Rio theatre to show baseball movies, like A League of Their Own.  If you have any event ideas, please contact Bri.
  3. Volunteer Duties: once registration is over we will know how many teams we have, and once LIL details are worked out we’ll know what volunteer duties are required.  Come to the April meeting prepared to sign your team up for a volunteer job.

 UIC: Shelley

  1. Umpire training: Please, encourage all your teammates to get certified as umpires
  2. Rules Clinic April: Pat Dooley is unable to attend our next meeting, but we will have another umpire to tell us about any rule changes since last year and answer any questions you may have.  All are welcome at this meeting – encourage your teammates to attend.
  3. Rules & Grievance Committee – think about if you want to volunteer – we need one player from each division. Once we know all the divisions we will finalize the members of this important, but rarely called upon committee.

Treasurer: Rebecca

  1. Team deposit ($250) due at this meeting.
  2. Balance of team fees due May 9. Last year’s fees were $1200.  This year’s won’t be more than that, and may even go down depending on how many teams register tonight and how the budget can be revised.  IF the fees are $1200 again, then $950 + $200 forfeit bond = $1150 is what would be owing on May 9.
  3. LIL fees ($350) due May 9
  4. Budget update: Once registration is complete, the budget can be revised.  Look for that at the April meeting.

Fields: Emma

  1. LIL field – we are excited to announce that the LIL tournament will be held at Connaught Park (12th and Vine) this year. Details are being worked out, but what we can share is that there are four fields at the park, plus a clubhouse, and the park is very close to the 99 B-line for your transit ease.

New Business


Meeting adjourned at 7:22 p.m.

July 13, 2015

MINUTES: July 13, 2015

Mabel League Team Rep and Executive Meeting

Alma Blackwell Common Room, 1656 Adanac Street Vancouver, B.C. V5L 2C6

Present:  Shelley (Wombats), Natasha (Boom), Jena (Sway), Emma/Amanda (Heartbreakers), Sue/Carmen (Tanks), Jodi (leonard.), Shawna (50 Shades), Michelle (Reckless), Newry (Isotopes), Becky (Oddballs), Clare (Plan B), Romy (Beavers), Jeanette (BB9), Katie (DITB), Nancy (Kugars), Meg (Marla Hooch), Shelby (Ballerz)

Exec:  Amil, Kris, Rebecca, Tammy, Stacey, Chester

Called to order at 7:02 p.m.

Chair: Tammy

  1. Welcome
  2. Executive 2015 recruitment – the season is coming to a close. Not all of the executive plan to run again next year.  If you are interested in running, please come see one of us to talk about the position(s) you’d be interested in etc.
  3. AGM September 10th – proposals must be submitted one month in advance and in the proscribed format. Please see an exec member who can get you the form, and help you determine whether it is a formal proposal or an agenda item.

Co-Chair: Tammy for Elan

  1. a) There will not be a “Night at the Nat” this year. Timing just didn’t work out.  Also, seats in the new section are now $50 each for groups.

Registrar: Tammy for Sarah

  1. Scorebooks due – please hand them in to Tammy, along with tally sheet. Please keep enough scoresheets for the remainder of the season.  If you need more sheets, feel free to print out the Lil sheets sent to you previously – those will work fine for regular games.

Stats: Kris

  1. Finals schedule information – The draft schedule is done. It is a very tight schedule with so many teams and so few fields.  It should be finalized in the next two days and sent out.  However, your team’s ranking will not be determined until all regular season games have been played.  Please, submit scores right away so that the rankings can be done.  Kris will be away after this Thursday.  Please send any scheduling queries to Amil (fields@mabelleague.com) as well as to Kris as Amil will be handling rankings etc. while Kris is away.
  2. Review reporting scores – please do this ASAP.
  3. Standings – current standings have been sent out. These are subject to change as the final regular season games are played.

New Business

  1. Question as to how complaints and grievances are handled.

Answer:  In accordance with the Operating Rules, rules grievances are handled by the Grievance Committee, which is comprised of players and Exec members.  Please submit grievances to the Exec ASAP so that this committee can be convened.

Policy infringements are handled by the Exec.  Please submit, via email, incidences of policy transgressions to the Executive (Chair, or another member if that is more comfortable for you).  The executive as a whole will consider the report and take any required further steps.  Generally further steps will include contacting the team rep of the involved party, and hearing from involved persons.  With respect to the Zero Tolerance alcohol and violence policies, infringements may result in suspension from all Mabel League activities or permanent expulsion from the League.

  1. 50 Shades of Gay have arranged with Stateside Craft to host a season ending party. Look for details after the finals.
  1. Issue of an Intermediate team who is having trouble fielding a team for finals. No one wants to see a team have to forfeit finals.  Alternatives were discussed.  As the team has too many injuries and people away to benefit from a lowering of the 5 games played requirement, other strategies were explored.  It was noted that several Competitive division teams are having similar issues.

VOTE:  For the 2015 Finals tournament only, Recreational players who have played at least 5 (five) regular season games for their Recreational team may play for 1 (one) Intermediate team in the Finals tournament.

Passed unanimously.

VOTE:  For the 2015 Finals tournament only, Intermediate players who have played at least 5 (five) regular season games for their Intermediate team may play for 1 (one) Competitive team in the Finals tournament.

Passed unanimously.

CLARIFICATION:  It has long been the policy of the league that players may only play for one team per division at Finals, regardless of whether they played 5 or more regular season games for multiple teams in a division.  This remains the case, even with the relaxed requirements above.

Players without 5 (five) regular season games on their registered team may NOT play for another team at Finals.  Only players who have played the required number of games for their registered team qualify under the relaxed requirements above.

Under the relaxed requirements above, players may only play in the division directly above their registered team’s division.  No one may play in a lower division without having played 5 or more regular season games for that team.

The relaxed requirements above are a one-time exemption.  This is not to be viewed as a precedent for future Finals tournaments.

NOTE:  Teams must include any players added to their rosters on their SPN before the player may play.

  1. Number of games required for Competitive Division – as the Competitive Division played fewer regular season games this year, the number of required games will be lowered. 4 games has been proposed by the Executive.  The team reps for the four Competitive teams will decide between them if they wish this number to be further lowered, and so advise the Executive.

Meeting adjourned at 7:24 p.m.

February 15, 2016

MINUTES: Feb 16 2015

Mabel League Team Rep and Executive Meeting

Alma Blackwell Common Room, 1656 Adanac Street Vancouver, B.C. V5L 2C6

Present:  From the Executive: Tammy, Rebecca, Shelley, Emma, Bri, Allie and Meg; Team Reps: Paige (Tanks), Shawna, Sophie and Rachel (Rebels – formerly 50 Shades), Amanda (Heartbreakers), Romy (Beavers), Katie (DITB), Shelby (Ballerz), Gianna (Reckless), Pia, Jena and Deanna (Team Sway), Clare (Plan B), Alana (Wombats), Suzanne (Isotopes), Crystal (Oddballs), Jodi (leonard.)

Called to order at 7:00

Chair: Tammy

  1. Welcome and Introduction (round) – everyone introduced themselves.
  2. Team rep job description – we need a team rep from each team to attend these meetings. Please contact Tammy if you need a copy of the job description for details on who is eligible and the responsibilities. (chair@mabelleague.com)
  3. Important dates – are being finalized and will be sent out shortly.

Co-Chair: Elan was unable to attend, Tammy presented on her behalf.

  1. Insurance coverage prior to roster submission: we are covered by the league’s insurance for practices held before the season begins.
  2. Skills clinics: will be held again this year.  Stay tuned for dates.

Stats: Allie

  1. Anticipated teams and divisions: Last year’s end of season rankings have proven difficult to determine exactly as the finals were partially rained out. A provisional ranking has been done.  Once all teams have registered for 2016 (due at the next meeting) we will be in a better position to rank them for this season.
  2. Competitive division: We have received information that the 2015 competitive division teams will not be registering for the 2016 season.  We are working on strategies for where this leaves the rest of the league.  Once all teams are registered, we will be in a position to decide on how many divisions there will be and who will be in each.

Fields: Emma

  1. LIL: Bobolink, where we held the LIL in 2015, had fields damaged by last year’s drought and the Parks Board won’t allow play on the fields this year.  Emma has secured Trout Lake (home to the tournament for many years) for the LIL dates (June 3, 4, 5).  We are exploring other options and will report back if any of those pan out.  Trout Lake has not allowed an outdoor beer garden in the past, so we are not expecting they will this year either.  This is part of the reason we’re exploring other options.  You’ll know as soon as we do if we’ll be at a different field and if there will be a beer garden.
  2. Selection of fields for 2016: Historial bookings are all in, so we have all the same fields as we did last year.

UIC: Shelley

  1. Rules Clinic/Umpire clinic: We encourage everyone to take the Umpire training course.  Mabel leaguers who become accredited umpires, and umpire at least 5 Mabel League games in that season, will have their course fees reimbursed to them by the Mabel League.  So please keep your receipt for payment and submit it to the Treasurer no later than the AGM.  Dates for clinics will be released soon.  Please contact uic@mabelleague.com if you’re interested.

Registrar: Meg

  1. Team registration forms due March 7th: Please pick up a form and return it, filled out, at the March 7th meeting (along with your $250 deposit).
  2. Any teams with significant changes to their roster for 2016, please advise so that we may take that into account when assigning rankings and making division decisions for 2016 (registrar@mabelleague.com).
  3. SPN/Roster forms due May 9th (players can be added after this date): please take a roster and have your team members sign it. There will be a google form coming out this year as well, that all players will be required to submit.
  4. Lil registration and forms due May 9th (fees are expected to be $350 again this year).
  5. New team guidance package is available for anyone interested in starting a new team. And we encourage you to start a new team.
  6. New players list: has a few names on it. It will get emailed out to team reps.  We encourage you to pick up players from this list.  Please advise the Registrar if you do, so that the name can be removed from the list (registrar@mabelleague.com).
  7. Policy/Procedure committee: A new committee is being struck this year to address the necessity of having clear procedures to accompany the league policies, such as the Zero Tolerance for Violence policy.  Anyone interested in sitting on this committee please contact Meg or Emma (registrar@mabelleague.com, fields@mabelleague.com)

Treasurer: Rebecca

  1. 2016 Budget: proposed budget was handed out.  We tend to make money every year, whether we budget to or not, so the proposed budget has been prepared showing a deficit of $2,970.00.  It is not expected that we will actually run a deficit as potential income from merchandise sales and events is not included in the draft, and forfeit bonds that were not returned in time to come out of the 2015 budget (contributing to the $4,965.91 year end surplus) will be coming from the 2016 year ($2400).  The proposed budget runs very close to last year’s year-end actuals, and is based on assumptions that the same number of teams will register this season, and all costs will remain the same.  The budget will be updated after registration is complete and those numbers are more concrete.  Some things to note:  In 2015 we purchased more softballs than required as we got a good deal on them.  This year we will only need to buy half that many.  In 2015 we purchased enough year end prizing for two years, so we are not expecting to need to purchase any for 2016.  The website is the only line item that has significantly increased for 2016, this is due to changing over to a safer (more expensive) hosting site, hiring a site administrator and increasing the storage space on DropBox.  Expenses for holding a Meltdown and a Beer Garden are budgeted for, even though we are not sure we will host either this year.  Any questions, please contact treasurer@mabelleague.com
  2. Forfeit Bonds: Not all teams requested return of their 2015 forfeit bonds (and 2 teams exceeded the number of forfeits and did not have their bonds returned).  For ease of accounting, the teams who didn’t request theirs back can roll it over into 2016.
  3. Team fees. We anticipate fees to remain the same at $1200, however this does depend on the number of teams who register. That $1200 is payable in two instalments.  $250 deposit due when you register your team at the March 7th meeting, and the balance (likely $950) is due on May 9th.  You will also be required to provide a $200 forfeit bond when paying the balance.  This is NOT part of league fees, but is required for each team.  The bond will be repaid at the end of the season if your team has not recorded forfeits in excess of the stated number (2).  Please also note that LIL fees are not included in league fees.  If your team will be entering the LIL Tournament, fees for that will also be due on May 9th.  In years past these have been $350 and we expect that to remain the same in 2016.

 Special Events: Bri

  1. Contribution Points: the points have been calculated for the 2015 season.  The teams who place 1st, 2nd and 3rd enjoy reductions in league fees for 2016.  1st  somethin’ naked ($500); 2nd  Oddballs ($300); and 3rd  Plan B ($200) – Congratulations!
  2. Meet Mabel Information Session/Social: We’re looking at a new format this year.  Feedback from past years is that it is a bit overwhelming for people who want to join the league to attend what can seem like a party for existing teams more than a recruiting event.  If your team is looking for players, please attend the information session with a sign for your team that states your team name, probable division, and positions you’re looking for.  Hopefully this will facilitate the match-making of potential players with teams who need them.  The executive will also be working to encourage the starting up of new teams, and will have new team guidance packages available.  The event will be held at Cedar Cottage on February 26th, from 7:00 – 9:00.
  3. Meltdown: There may not be a Meltdown this year.  It has not been terribly well attended in the past (even though Marla Hooch put on a great party last year).  We are looking at a different approach for a party, perhaps holding it at the LIL Tournament this year.  If you have any ideas, please forward those to mabel@mabelleague.com or use facebook.

Secretary: Rebecca

  1. Team rep and executive contact info to be emailed out: Please ensure we have the correct contact person for your team as that information will be given to other teams in order that they know who to contact, just in case.
  2. Sign-in: Please remember to sign in on the team rep sign in sheet (only one rep per team is required to sign.  You can have more, but your team will only get one participation point regardless of how many people attend.)

New Business:

  1. Call out for coaching: please help us to help new teams.  If you are interested in coaching or mentoring a new team, please contact us (chair@mabelleague.com or mabel@mabelleague.com). We are hoping to offer enough resources to new players that they can start new teams rather than just relying on there being enough space on existing teams to absorb all interested new players.
  2. Recruitment: We are very open to any suggestions you may have to help us recruit new players to the league.  The mass retirement of the competitive division emphasizes how much we need to reach out to new players to keep the league at the numbers it has enjoyed in the past.  In doing so, we also need coaches and mentors as mentioned above.
  3. Team Sway advises that their pitching machine is available for rental again this year.
  4. A concern regarding the number of intermediate division players also playing on recreational division teams was brought up from the floor. Discussion ensued around finding the balance between making sure teams don’t forfeit games and making sure everyone who wants to play has a team to play on.  It was suggested that the concern raised was divisible into two concerns:  1) making sure there are opportunities for everyone who wants to play in the league; and 2) making sure that the level of play is fair within each division (no one is stacking a team with higher division players).  The executive agreed to include these concerns on the agenda for the next executive meeting and take into account all the points raised by the team reps, both for and against players registering on more than one team.

Meeting adjourned at 7:48 p.m.

Minutes May 11, 2015

MINUTES: May 11, 2015 7:00PM

Mabel League Team Rep and Executive Meeting
Alma Blackwell Common Room, 1656 Adanac Street Vancouver, B.C. V5L 2C6

Present: Nancy (Kugars), Carmen (Tanks), Jeanette (BB9), Clare (Plan B), Shawna (50 Shades), Newry (Isotopes), Gianna (Reckless), Shelby (Ballerz), Nicole (Deep in the Bush), Jodi (leonard.), Meg (Marla Hooch), Becky (Oddballs), Sonya (Rockers), Pia (Sway), Romy (Beavers), Coree (Naked), Tasha (Boom)

Exec: Tammy, Elan, Rebecca, Bri, Stacey, Allie, Chester

Called to order at 7:05 p.m.

  1. Chair: Tammy
    • Welcome and Introduction (round): Thanks to Marla Hooch for a great Meltdown!
  2. Co-Chair: Elan
    • Roles and Responsibilities: A reminder to established teams and an explanation for the new teams, the Executive are volunteers, elected by all of you, who are responsible for the calling of meetings, scheduling of games, collection of fees etc. We are not responsible for your team fundraising, sponsorships, equipment or the rest of running a team in the Mabel League.
    • Lil Packages: If you have paid your Lil fees (due tonight), please pick up a Lil package on your way out. We are handing them out early this year, please ensure you keep it in a safe place until the tournament. Packages contain game balls, scoresheets and a little treat. Please remember to submit scoresheets after each game, NOT at the end of the day.
    • Night at the Nat! A yearly event – the league reserves a block of seats at a game for you to all go and sit together. Tickets are available via team reps. The date for this year’s night has yet to be set, but we will be doing our best to avoid the Running Wild weekend of July 10-12.
  3. Stats: Kris (presented by Tammy)
    • LIL Schedule: Will be out as soon as possible. We are just receiving confirmation tonight of how many teams are entered and in which divisions, so as soon as Kris can work it out, we’ll send it out.
    • Reporting Scores and Spirit Award winner: A reminder that BOTH teams are required to report scores within 24 hours. This year there is also the spirit award nomination to be filled in on the website.
  4. Registrar: Sarah (presented by Tammy)
    • Collecting SPN and Mabel League Roster: Please ensure you hand in your rosters and signed agreements tonight.
    • Collecting LIL Registration forms: Please ensure you hand in your registration form and payment tonight.
    • SPN Registration. Requirement to play: Reminder that you need to be registered on SPN for each team that you play (including sub) for BEFORE you play. You are not insured otherwise.
  5. Treasurer: Rebecca
    • Collecting team fees: $950 + $200 forfeit bond = $1150: due tonight. Thank you to the teams who paid via e-transfer before the meeting, and to those who brought cheques with them. The couple of delinquents, get your payment e-transferred tonight!!
    • Collecting LIL fees: $350: we have received entry fees from 17 of our 19 league teams, plus one from out of town (Wildkats), making 18 teams registered this year.
  6. Special Events: Bri
    • Meltdown update: The Meltdown went really well. The venue seemed to work really well. We will have final numbers soon, but it appears the event made money, which makes everyone happy.  Thanks for your hard work Marla Hooch!
    • LIL social events update: Beer and burger is confirmed for the Friday night of the Lil at the Princeton as usual. We have another event in the works and will spread the news just as soon as that last t gets crossed.
  7. Fields: Amil (presented by Tammy)
    • Rain out update: Rain outs are in the process of being rescheduled. Your team will receive an email with your game information once it has been worked out.

New Business

Question from the floor:  Will there be a year end party this year?
Answer: There are no plans for one. Historically this event went from a banquet to a party to a camping trip and regardless of whether it was held in August or September never did get much of a turn-out. So the executive is not taking it on this year. If a team would like to host something, please send your proposal to the exec.


50 Shades of Gay has a connection to a granola bar company who would like to give samples away. If we could get some for the Lil tournament, that would be great!

Shelby from Ballerz has a connection through her work to chips and energy drinks that she can provide at a reduced cost to anyone interested.

12 Kings Pub (at 12th and Kingsway, Vancouver) has offered the league 10% off food and drink at their pub. Just tell them you’re with Mabel and they’ll apply the discount.

Adjourned at 7:25 p.m.

April 13 Team Rep Meeting Minutes

MINUTES: April 13, 2015

Mabel League Team Rep and Executive Meeting

Alma Blackwell Common Room, 1656 Adanac Street Vancouver, B.C. V5L 2C6

7:00 pm: RULES CLINIC with Softball BC UIC Pat Dooley and Mabel League UIC Shannon

The rules clinic is mandatory and each team must send at least one Representative.

The following rules were clarified by Pat Dooley:

Orange bag vs. white bag at first base: In the normal course the batter uses the orange safety bag, and may run through this bag; the fielder uses the white bag. The batter has ½ way to the base to get into the safety corridor (the run line in foul territory). If the ball is thrown by a fielder and hits the runner in this zone, interference may be called. If a fielder is fielding the ball in foul territory by first base, they may use the orange safety bag and the batter should use the white bag. This is also applicable on a 3rd strike drop ball.

Overthrown base advancement: The rule is 2 bases from the last base touched or occupied. It is NOT the base headed for plus one. The 2 bases are awarded based on the point the ball was first touched, not when it went out of play. Base-runners are reminded to tag-up if it was a fly-ball caught then overthrown, or they are in danger of being called out after advancing their bases.

Fly ball catches: When the ball is first touched is when tagging up can happen. It is NOT necessary to wait for the fielder to gain control of the ball.

Protests: Eligibility of a player is the only thing you have 24 hours to protest. All other protests must be lodged before the next pitch it thrown.

In-field fly call: 3 criteria to make the call: fewer than 2 out; at least 2 players in a forced running position and the ball must have been able to be caught with ordinary effort. The definition of “in-field” will vary at the discretion of the umpire depending on how deeply the in-field players are positioned.

Control of the ball: There is no black and white position on a tag where the ball leaves the glove with regular contact. That is the discretion of the umpire. Intentional contact with the glove to cause loss of control may be called as interference. The ball must be in the glove or hand to be considered in control. Bobbled balls or balls trapped against bodies are not in control. The fielder must be able to make a play with the ball for it to be considered controlled.

Re-entry to the game: Original batters can leave and come back into the game in the same position on the batting order. Fielders may field in any position. Substituted players may not re-enter the game after they have been replaced.


Team Rep Meeting called to order at 7:28 p.m.


Carmen (Tanks), Clare (Plan B), Meg (Marla Hooch), Amanda (Heartbreakers), Pia (Team Sway), Tasha (Boom), Jodi (Leonard), Shelby and EJ (Ballerz), Jeanette (BB9), Nancy (Kugars), Gianna (Reckless), Caitlin and Suzanne (Isotopes), Romy (Beavers), Becky (Oddballs), Jade and Shelley (Wombats), Shawna (50 Shades of Gay), Coree (nakeds)

Exec: Kris, Amil, Tammy, Chester, Bri, Allie, Elan, Stacey, Rebecca

No rep was present from Deep in the Bush.

Chair: Tammy

  1. Welcome
  2. A Mabel League Trans* Inclusion Policy has been adopted by the executive on behalf of the league. Rather than make it part of our by-laws which would require a vote at the AGM, the executive has added the policy to the Operating Rules. In a nutshell the aim of the policy is to move our league from one that is accepting of trans* players to one that is actively inclusive. The policy is the first step in a culture shift. This will manifest itself initially in language. We are looking to team reps to be trans* allies in communicating the policy to teammates and being gentle, but strong, reminding voices when hearing older, gendered, language being used.

– A suggestion was received from the floor that we remove reference to the league being more about community than competition. It was agreed to strike that line in its entirety.

– A suggestion was received from the floor that perhaps the line about hormone levels was out of place. Discussion ensued. It was agreed that the line needed to remain in the policy, but that it could be moved to after the sentence currently following it. Resources will also be made available on the Mabel website for anyone seeking information about trans* folk in general and hormones in particular. – A question from the floor enquired about whether it was acceptable to refer to one’s teammates as “ladies” if everyone on the team is female-identified and accepting of the term. It was agreed that yes, this would be fine. The spirit of the policy is to encourage teams to check in with their players with regard to each person’s preferred pronoun, it is not meant to outlaw gendered language. Please keep any cheering for other teams gender-neutral.

– If anyone has any further questions or concerns, please contact Tammy at chair@mabelleague.com

Co-Chair: Elan

  1. Skills Clinics – were successfully held this past weekend. Saturday, June 13 is the date set for the second round. Please sign your players up as you did for the first round. Shannon, who coached the skills clinics, is offering a Catchers clinic on April 26. The cost is $10 per person. You can sign up at coach@softballtutor.ca Shannon is also available to teams at a reduced rate of $45/hour. – A suggestion was received from the floor that next year the session called “the game” be divided into two levels – an absolute beginner’s guide to softball, and a higher level for those moving into coaching

Stats: Kris

  1. Schedule: It is finished and will be sent out as soon as the final field permit is received.

Fields: Amil (presented by Kris)

  1. Fields update: fields have been settled. Just waiting on the final permits.

UIC: Shannon

  1. Hand out softballs: Each team gets a dozen game balls. Please ensure that you provide a new ball and a near-new ball at each of your home games.

Registrar: Sarah (presented by Tammy)

  1. Accurate Rosters: Please ensure your rosters are accurate and fully signed. YOU CANNOT PLAY IF YOU ARE NOT SIGNED UP ON SPN!!
  2. LIL Registration forms and fees due May 11
  3. New players list: There are still about 50 people on the list. Please consider adding players to your rosters and contact Sarah if you pick anyone up so she can remove them from the list.

Treasurer: Rebecca

  1. Balance of team fees ($950 + $200 forfeit bond = $1150) due May 11. Please keep in mind these amounts vary for the three teams who did not cash their forfeit bond repayments last season (the teams have been informed) and for the three teams with the most participation points last year (nakeds, Kugars, Oddballs) who pay a reduced fee this season.
  2. LIL fees ($350) due May 11. You may write one cheque for both league fees and Lil fees.
  3. Budget update: Numbers have been changed to reflect the realities of 19 teams registered vs. the 17 in the original budget. We are now running at a deficit for the year because we purchased 2 years worth of game balls because they were such a good price. This deficit will be balanced out by next year’s expected surplus from not having to purchase balls.

Special Events: Bri

  1. Meltdown update: May 9 is the tentative date. Details will come out via social media as they are confirmed.

New Business – None

Meeting adjourned at 8:11 p.m.