Schedule B: Trans Inclusion Policy

Schedule B
to the Mabel League Operating Rules

Mabel League Trans* Inclusion Policy

The purpose of the Society is to foster a safe and fun environment for lesbians, bisexual women, queer women, trans* people, and women allies to learn and play recreational softball.

The Mabel League is committed to anti-oppressive and anti-discriminatory practices in relation to trans* people and will ensure that their rights are respected and protected.

Trans* is an umbrella term to encompass all people who cross socially constructed gender and sex boundaries with a gender identity or expression not typically associated with their assigned sex. (ex. Trans man, trans woman, transgender, genderqueer, gendervariant, etc.)

First and foremost, everyone has the right to participate and benefit from the positive aspects of sports and have their personal dignity respected.

There is a lot of natural variation in physical size and ability among trans* folks as there is among non-trans* folks. Hormone levels do not predict behaviour with any consistency.

Trans* folks and women incur discrimination from our society’s gender-based system in importantly similar and distinct ways.

Trans* folks often overcome significant stigma and challenges so it would be particularly harmful to exclude them from the physical, mental and social benefits people gain through athletics.

The Mabel League has a mix of genders that fall all along the spectrum. Never assume someone’s gender or preferred pronoun despite what you believe to be clear expression of one gender over another.

  1. A player with long hair, makeup and a traditionally female name might not identify as female and that is their prerogative.

If you aren’t sure of someone’s preferred pronoun either stick with a gender neutral pronoun like ‘they’ or simply ask them how they would prefer to be addressed. Learning each other’s names would be ideal.

When cheering from the bench or sidelines please do not use gendered words like ‘ladies’ or ‘women’. Instead use more inclusive words like ‘folks’ or ‘everyone’.

By participating in The Mabel League it is asked of you to show a commitment to creating a safe, positive and welcoming space and showing respect and courtesy to every other participant in your behaviour and language.