Minutes April 4 2016

MINUTES: April 4, 2016

Mabel League Team Rep and Executive Meeting

Alma Blackwell Common Room, 1656 Adanac Street Vancouver, B.C. V5L 2C6

Present:  Exec – Alana, Tammy, Bri, Emma, Rebecca, Allie, Terra; Team Reps – Jodi (leonard.), Paige (Tanks), Gianna, Michelle and Danica (Reckless), Kim (BB9), Steph and Sophie (Rebels), Clare (Plan B), Chris  and Carmen(Biggest Hits), Pia (Team Sway), Suzanne (Isotopes), Katie (DitB), Lauren (Marla Hooch), Coree and Kathryn (somethin’ naked), Robin (Beavers)

7:00 pm: RULES CLINIC with Softball BC Umpire Sindy

There are no new rule changes for Softball BC this year.  The only change to Mabel League rules is the modified pitch (see attached for the definition) which modifies the orthodox pitch rule we’ve been operating under for years into a pitch more in line with what our pitchers are actually doing.

There is an umpire clinic on April 16the for anyone interested in learning to umpire slow-pitch games.  Contact Pat Dooley to sign up (vsua@shaw.ca 604-525-3094)

Questions:  Clarification of use of the orange bag at first base:  In general the batter uses the orange bag as they run along the marked base line, and the first base fielder uses the white bag.  This is for safety reasons as first is a base you are expected to run through rather than land upon.  The only time this changes is if the catcher is throwing a ball to first base down the running line and it is safer for the fielder to use the orange bag to avoid a collision with the runner.  The runner would then use the white bag.  After the runner runs through first base, it does not matter if they turn in to the field or out to the sidelines.  What matters is the intent to continue to second base.  If there is no intent, the runner cannot be tagged out as they return to first base.  If there is intent, as indicated by an effort to get to second, they can be tagged out on their return to first base.

Infield Fly Rule:  These three things must occur:  1) at least first and second must be occupied, or bases loaded 2) Fewer than 2 outs and 3) reasonable effort by a fielder could result in catching the ball.  The umpire will call the batter automatically out.  The runners, once the ball is touched, can run or not as they want.

Please, can all teams make sure they have extra base pegs.  For safety reasons bases need to be pegged down with 2 pegs.  Please ensure you have enough to do so, plus spares.

It was suggested that after you measure your distances between bases, that you pace the bases to ensure that there are the same number of paces between each.  (Approximately 25 paces is normal)  If any are out, please adjust before pegging the bases so that the umpire does not have to make you move the base when they come to check.

Followed by the Team Rep Meeting:

 Chair: Tammy

  1. Welcome and introductory round.
  2. We have had some changes to the executive and are operating with a smaller than usual executive and have a couple of new members part way through the season. We anticipate that several people will be stepping down at the end of the season, so would like to encourage anyone who is interested in running for the Board at the AGM in September, to contact the Exec now to get information and perhaps to begin shadowing the position.

Co-Chair: Allie

  1. Skills Clinics – the clinics will be run by Shannon again this year, and offered without cost to league players. Space is limited so a lottery system will be used to fill the spaces, and a wait-list kept.  April 16 and 17 will have 2 sessions of “The Game”, 2 sessions of “Fielding and Positioning”, 2 sessions of “Batting” and 1 session of “Pitching and Catching”.  A reminder that you must sign up for the Pitching and Catching as a pitcher and catcher pair.  Later in April there will be a sit-down session of “Coaching”, location and date tba once we have found a venue.  Kathryn from the nakeds offered her house for that session.  Details tba.

Schedule: Alana

  1. Schedule update/progress – games will begin the week of April 18 and the schedule will be out next week. Same days as we usually play, on the same fields, and there will be cross-divisional play.

Fields: Emma

  1. Zero tolerance policy – it was suggested that we look at the policy to ensure it is in line with other organizations’ and our values, and ensure we have procedures to deal with infractions. Emma will be circulating a survey to team reps to pass along to their team members.  A revised policy will be crafted from the survey results.  A meeting with interested parties will be held to discuss the revision before finalization.  Please contact Emma if you are interested in being part of the meeting.

UIC: Tammy for Shelley

  1. Hand out softballs – one dozen for each team, please pick up after the meeting.

 Registrar: Terra

  1. LIL Registration forms and fees due May 9, 2016 (you may submit payment with your league fees, we don’t need separate payments)
  2. New players list – updated list will be coming to reps tomorrow. Reminder to tell the Registrar if you pick up players from this list.
  3. Insurance – everyone will need to go onto the SPN website to update their insurance for this season. Team reps will receive an email when the site is ready, then must get all their players to sign-in prior to playing.  NO ONE CAN PLAY WITHOUT INSURANCE.
  4. Rosters – please hand in paper ones on May 9, 2016, and update electronically with every player you have play for you, including subs regardless of how many games they play for you.

Treasurer: Rebecca

  1. Balance of team fees due May 9. Team fees have been lowered to $1100 and everyone has paid a $250 deposit, so the remainder is $850+$200 forfeit bond ($1050 total) – a spreadsheet of exactly what is owing by each team (taking into account contribution awards and forfeit bonds not cashed in 2015) will be sent to team reps before the May 9th
  2. LIL fees ($350) due May 9 – please feel free to include this with your league fees payment – we accept cheques to “Mabel League” or e-transfers to treasurer@mabelleague.com
  3. Secretary – reminder to have a team rep from each team sign in on the Sign In sheet for each meeting.
  4. Budget update – as mentioned above, the numbers work out to allow us to lower league fees to $1100 this year. Some events have been removed as we are not holding them this year, and savings in having purchased balls and prizing last year have us in the position of having enough money to reduce fees.

MOTION:  To accept the 2016 budget as presented.  Suzanne.  2nd by Jodi.  Passed unanimously.

Special Events: Bri

  1. Update on planned events – still working on tickets for the Softball Worlds for the weekend before our finals (first weekend of that tournament). If you have any ideas for events, please send them to mabel@mabelleague.com

New Business – None

Meeting adjourned at 7:45 p.m.





The pitcher MUST:

  • Must start with both feet on the
  • Have their hips and shoulders fully square to home
  • Pause while holding the ball in front of the (The ASA requires a 1-to-10 second pause before the pitch. However precedent is for only a brief but distinct pause. The intent of rule is to prevent the pitcher from gaining unfair momentum for the pitch, or “quick-pitching” a batter.)

The pitcher MAY:

  • Hold the ball in either the glove or the pitching hand.


The pitcher MUST:

  • Start the backswing directly out of the paused
  • Move the pitching hand backwards to start the The pitcher MAY:
  • Take the ball behind the back, outwards, or over the head during the
  • Bring the arm above the shoulder
  • Lift their front foot off the
  • Slide or drag the pivot foot, so long as it remains in constant contact with the
  • Rotate the body towards first or third The pitcher MAY NOT:
  • Step backwards or sideways off the
  • Use a :windmill” (In a windmill motion, the backswing and delivery are in one continuous circular motion.)
  • Use a crow-hop delivery. A “crow hop” is defined by the ASA as jumping off the pitching rubber and re-planting the back foot before releasing the It effectively shortens the distance to home plate and is illegal in all forms of fastpitch.  However, it is legal to “leap” off the rubber during the delivery so long as pitcher does not re- plant the pivot foot and remains in constant contact with the ground.)


The pitcher MUST:

  • Deliver the ball in a full underhand motion. (Sidearm pitches are )
  • Release the pitch on the first forward movement past the
  • Roughly square the shoulders to home plate at the point of (No pitcher squares the shoulders fully at the time of release, owing to the effects of the stride. The intent of rule is to eliminate cross-body slingshot deliveries.)

The pitcher MAY:

  • Throw any legal softball pitch such as a curve ball, drop ball, slider, knuckle ball, (Needless to say, spitballs, foreign substances, ‘scuffballs’, and the like are illegal.)
  • Point the palm downward upon release.