Minutes July 11, 2016

MINUTES: July 11, 2016

Mabel League Team Rep and Executive Meeting

Alma Blackwell Common Room, 1656 Adanac Street Vancouver, B.C. V5L 2C6

Present:  Exec: Terra, Shelley, Tammy, Emma, Rebecca;  Team Reps: Sue (Biggest Hits), Paige (Tanks), Lucy (Heartbreakers), Jena and Pia (Team Sway), Deanna (Reckless), Robin (Beavers), Lisa (BB9), Suzanne (Isotopes), Chrissy (Oddballs), Katie (Deep in the Bush), Robyn (leonard. Marla Hooch), Clare (Plan B)

Called to order at 7:01 p.m.

Chair: Tammy

  1. Welcome and Introduction (round)
  2. Executive 2016 recruitment – We’re looking for executive members for next season – there are some current exec members who will not be running again for next year. Please mention it to your teammates.
  3. AGM September 12th – proposals for amendments to the Constitution or Bylaws must be submitted 21 days in advance in the prescribed form (found on the website). If you have anything else to be addressed, it can be done in a team rep meeting.  Since this is the last team rep meeting for this season, you can still bring other issues to the AGM, just please advise the Exec in advance in order that it can be put on the agenda and attendees can be informed that there will be a discussion.


  1. Scorebooks due, collected by Terra.
  2. Discussion ensued around eligibility for Finals. There are two teams who will not be able to field a team for finals if the 5 game requirement is enforced.  It was agreed that everyone respects the reasons behind the 5 game minimum requirement, and teams are requested to not “stack” their teams for the Finals.
    MOTION:  to lower the minimum requirement for regular season games played in order to qualify to play for a team in the finals tournament to 2 (two).    Passed unanimously.
  3. It was raised that people seemed to enjoy the LIL set-up whereby all division finals were played when no other games were underway. In order to do this for the Finals, we will need to find another field and add a Friday night game.  Team reps agreed that people want to see all the final games, so the exec will find another field for Friday night (likely to be Connaught).


  1. Reminder re Finals volunteer positions coming from Bri via email.
  2. Softball Championships – watch for an email from Bri with details about tickets and the bus. Also please send Bri an email at mabel@mabelleague.com with your team’s vote on whether the bus should leave at 8:30 a.m. or 10:30 a.m.  Majority will rule.

New Business

LIL tournament photos are being edited currently (there were over 1000 taken) and will be put onto a private website as soon as they’re ready. Watch your email for the details.

Rained out games from last week will not be rescheduled as there are no available fields in the week we have between now and Finals.  Scores will be reported as a tie.

A suggestion from the floor that impartial volunteers be asked to keep score at final tournament games in order that the Umpire need not have to decide any discrepancies between teams.  It was agreed that this is a good idea.  It probably won’t happen for this year’s finals, but will be taken under advisement for next season.

There will be a social event on the Saturday of finals – details to be determined, stay tuned.

There will not be food trucks at Finals.

A question from the floor around how teams are seeded was raised.  The answer is that it is done at the discretion of the Executive each season after deposits from teams have been received.  Year end standings are weighted 50/50 on league play and Finals results.  Assuming no major roster changes, the Executive uses those standings to divide registered times into divisions.  If a team has made significant changes to their roster from the previous season, they should write to the Executive to outline those changes in order that the team be properly seeded.  Sometimes there is going to be a large range of ability within a division.  This is unfortunate, but won’t last forever!

It was suggested from the floor that perhaps an “ice-breaker” tournament could be held at the beginning of the season and seeding determined based on those results.

Meeting adjourned.