Minutes May 11, 2015

MINUTES: May 11, 2015 7:00PM

Mabel League Team Rep and Executive Meeting
Alma Blackwell Common Room, 1656 Adanac Street Vancouver, B.C. V5L 2C6

Present: Nancy (Kugars), Carmen (Tanks), Jeanette (BB9), Clare (Plan B), Shawna (50 Shades), Newry (Isotopes), Gianna (Reckless), Shelby (Ballerz), Nicole (Deep in the Bush), Jodi (leonard.), Meg (Marla Hooch), Becky (Oddballs), Sonya (Rockers), Pia (Sway), Romy (Beavers), Coree (Naked), Tasha (Boom)

Exec: Tammy, Elan, Rebecca, Bri, Stacey, Allie, Chester

Called to order at 7:05 p.m.

  1. Chair: Tammy
    • Welcome and Introduction (round): Thanks to Marla Hooch for a great Meltdown!
  2. Co-Chair: Elan
    • Roles and Responsibilities: A reminder to established teams and an explanation for the new teams, the Executive are volunteers, elected by all of you, who are responsible for the calling of meetings, scheduling of games, collection of fees etc. We are not responsible for your team fundraising, sponsorships, equipment or the rest of running a team in the Mabel League.
    • Lil Packages: If you have paid your Lil fees (due tonight), please pick up a Lil package on your way out. We are handing them out early this year, please ensure you keep it in a safe place until the tournament. Packages contain game balls, scoresheets and a little treat. Please remember to submit scoresheets after each game, NOT at the end of the day.
    • Night at the Nat! A yearly event – the league reserves a block of seats at a game for you to all go and sit together. Tickets are available via team reps. The date for this year’s night has yet to be set, but we will be doing our best to avoid the Running Wild weekend of July 10-12.
  3. Stats: Kris (presented by Tammy)
    • LIL Schedule: Will be out as soon as possible. We are just receiving confirmation tonight of how many teams are entered and in which divisions, so as soon as Kris can work it out, we’ll send it out.
    • Reporting Scores and Spirit Award winner: A reminder that BOTH teams are required to report scores within 24 hours. This year there is also the spirit award nomination to be filled in on the website.
  4. Registrar: Sarah (presented by Tammy)
    • Collecting SPN and Mabel League Roster: Please ensure you hand in your rosters and signed agreements tonight.
    • Collecting LIL Registration forms: Please ensure you hand in your registration form and payment tonight.
    • SPN Registration. Requirement to play: Reminder that you need to be registered on SPN for each team that you play (including sub) for BEFORE you play. You are not insured otherwise.
  5. Treasurer: Rebecca
    • Collecting team fees: $950 + $200 forfeit bond = $1150: due tonight. Thank you to the teams who paid via e-transfer before the meeting, and to those who brought cheques with them. The couple of delinquents, get your payment e-transferred tonight!!
    • Collecting LIL fees: $350: we have received entry fees from 17 of our 19 league teams, plus one from out of town (Wildkats), making 18 teams registered this year.
  6. Special Events: Bri
    • Meltdown update: The Meltdown went really well. The venue seemed to work really well. We will have final numbers soon, but it appears the event made money, which makes everyone happy.  Thanks for your hard work Marla Hooch!
    • LIL social events update: Beer and burger is confirmed for the Friday night of the Lil at the Princeton as usual. We have another event in the works and will spread the news just as soon as that last t gets crossed.
  7. Fields: Amil (presented by Tammy)
    • Rain out update: Rain outs are in the process of being rescheduled. Your team will receive an email with your game information once it has been worked out.

New Business

Question from the floor:  Will there be a year end party this year?
Answer: There are no plans for one. Historically this event went from a banquet to a party to a camping trip and regardless of whether it was held in August or September never did get much of a turn-out. So the executive is not taking it on this year. If a team would like to host something, please send your proposal to the exec.


50 Shades of Gay has a connection to a granola bar company who would like to give samples away. If we could get some for the Lil tournament, that would be great!

Shelby from Ballerz has a connection through her work to chips and energy drinks that she can provide at a reduced cost to anyone interested.

12 Kings Pub (at 12th and Kingsway, Vancouver) has offered the league 10% off food and drink at their pub. Just tell them you’re with Mabel and they’ll apply the discount.

Adjourned at 7:25 p.m.