Team Rep Meeting May 9, 2016 Minutes

MINUTES: May 9, 2016

Mabel League Team Rep and Executive Meeting

Alma Blackwell Common Room, 1656 Adanac Street Vancouver, B.C. V5L 2C6

PRESENT:  Exec: Rebecca, Allie, Tammy, Emma, Shelley, Terra, Alana; Team Reps: Paige (Tanks), Jodi (leonard.), Jodi (Ballerz), Robin (Beavers), Stephanie & Becky (BB9), Chrissy (Oddballs), Ruth (DitB), Devon & Sue (Biggest Hits), Clare (Plan B), Rachel (Rebels), Caitlin (Isotopes), Amanda (Heartbreakers), Deanna (Reckless), Pia & Jena (Team Sway)

Called to order at 7:00 pm

Chair: Tammy

  1. Welcome and introduction round.
  2. Facebook: There is a new group on Facebook, for subs. If you are a team, please make sure you’ve signed up for the group. Then when you’re looking for a sub, please check there. If you are a player who just can’t get enough softball, please put your availability there.

Co-Chair: Allie

  1. Skills Clinics – successful first round of clinics. How do reps feel? Feedback from the floor was that they were awesome, especially for new players. Allie suggested June 18/19 for more clinics, provided there is interest. 2 levels of clinics are planned – newer players and more advanced players.   There was interest from the floor in batting, positioning and pitching for both levels. Allie will email the team reps about interest and possible dates.

LIL update:

  1. We are confirmed for Connaught Park. There will be a Saturday night event at the field – in the clubhouse, so please tell your teams to mark that in their calendars.


  1. Please remember that both teams need to submit the score on the website within 24 hours of the game.

Registrar: Terra

  1.  Rosters were collected
  2. LIL entry forms were collected
  3. New players List – lots of recreational level players are still on the list. Please consider picking one up.

Treasurer: Rebecca

  1.  Balance of team fees were collected
  2. LIL fees were collected

Special Events: Bri

  1.  For the LIL, there will be a Friday night burger and beer event again. This year it will be at Cedar Cottage, and cost $18 cash for the beer and burger. There will be other beverage options.
  2. LIL prizing: There will be a costume prize this year. So get your team out in costume on Saturday (to try to de-throne the Nakeds!)
  3. Field Trip to Softball City – the league will be providing a free bus out to Surrey for the Softball Championships on July 16. Leaving from and returning to Trout Lake. Tickets to a day’s worth of games will cost $20. Team reps will be responsible for taking names and money from their players who wish to attend. Look for the email from Bri to follow.
  4. Volunteer Positions: a bit late this year for sign up due to the relocation of the LIL to a venue that doesn’t need as much attention. Bri will send out an email – every team must be signed up for a volunteer position.

Fields: Emma

  1.  Permits – please take a copy of our field permits with you to the fields. A few teams have experienced issues with others trying to assert rights over our fields. Emma will email out the permits to team reps.
  2. Zero Tolerance Violence policy – Updates are being made to the policy and procedures based on survey responses. The next step is holding a meeting of interested parties. Please send your name to the Chair if you are interested in attending the meeting. By the June meeting the draft policy and procedures will be finalize and presented to the team reps to vote on.

UIC: Shelley

  1.  Rainout Policy – We have to make a call about announcing a rainout by 3:30 on weekdays and 1:30 on weekends or we have to pay for the umpire regardless. We tend to lean towards letting the games go on if there is any doubt about the weather. The umpires can then call the game at the field if the weather is too bad to play in. However, after receiving feedback from teams about potential for injury when playing on wet fields, we will be revising the policy to allow for team reps to call the game at the field if they feel it would be dangerous to play. All teams are encouraged to be supportive of teams choosing to exercise this option.
  2. Grievance Committee – we need a volunteer from each of the divisions to sit on this committee. Thank you Pia (intermediate), Paige (competitive) and Suzanne (rec) for agreeing to sit on the committee this season.

New Business

There being no new business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:20 p.m.