Scheduling Accommodations Applications

Application Form

The purpose of this form is to help avoid forfeited games by providing teams an opportunity to request accommodations from the Mabel League Scheduler. In the event that you will be unable to field a team due to scheduling conflicts or team availability, please submit this form by the due date (listed below) and the Scheduler will make their best attempt to assist.  

Rules and Regulations

  1. Applications must be submitted by Team Rep.
  2. All affected team members must be named.
  3. Regular season applications must be submitted by the March Team Rep meeting (or when team fees and confirmed registration is due, whichever is later). Tournament applications must be submitted by two weeks prior to tournament start date. No late applications will be considered.
  4. In the interest of transparency, all applications will be posted on the Mabel League website for the duration of the season for all league members to review.
  5. Applicants accept that Scheduler will do their absolute best to incorporate all accommodations, but some may not be possible. Accommodations will be evaluated and implemented as best possible, prioritized in order of how many league members each accommodation affects.
  6. If Scheduler is unable to make an accommodation, either fully or partially, Scheduler will contact Team Rep directly.