League Rules


The Mabel League is registered as a not-for-profit society and thus governed by the BC Societies Act. As such the league must have certain guiding documents in place, have an elected board to run the league, hold an annual AGM, and more. These are legal requirements of being registered.

Additional league rules are in place due to the nature of the league itself. Being a space for queer folks means that intention and care have been given to setting clear expectations for all league members and spectators alike around providing a safe place for our community to gather and play.

How it Works

The Mabel League is guided by 2 main documents:

  1. League Constitution & Bylaws (updated 2022-09-12)
  2. League Operating Rules (updated 2024-03-04)

The Operating Rules currently have 3 additional Schedules:

  1. Schedule A – Job Descriptions (updated 2015-08-22)
  2. Schedule B – Diversity and Inclusion Policy (updated 2024-05-14) (Previously the Trans Inclusion Policy)
  3. Schedule C – Code of Conduct (updated 2016-06-12)

Additionally, policies were created to further shape the league:

  1. Zero Tolerance for Bullying and Harassment Policy
  2. Zero Tolerance for Violating Vancouver Parks Alcohol Policy

We encourage all members of the league to familiarize themselves with these documents.

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