The Statistician tracks and updates standings during the season, which is conditional on teams reporting their scores consistently and on time.

Here is the 2024 Live Standings page.

How Season Standings are Determined

Section 4.8 of Mabel’s Operating Rules states:

Standings throughout a Season will be determined as follows:

  1. Points are awarded based on how many divisions are present during a Season.
    1. Defeating the lowest ranked division will award the winning team one point. Points then go up by 1 per skill level. EG: In a Season with 4 divisions, beating a team in the top division will be awarded 4 points.
    2. If there is a tie, teams will get half as many points as if they had won. EG: In a four division Season, B and C tie. B will be awarded 1 point, and C will be awarded 1.5.
  2. If two teams are tied after (a), compare the win/loss/tie record of those teams against each other in Regular Season play; and
  3. If three or more teams are tied after (a), or if two teams remain tied after (a) and (b), compare the teams’ runs differentials for all Regular Season games, to a maximum of 10 runs per game, counting only completed innings.

Because teams will have played (or reported) different numbers of games at different points in the season, the best indicator of mid-season standings is P/GP (points per game played). Please remember to submit your scores.

Runs will be counted only to a maximum difference of 10. If Team X beats Team Y 24 – 7, only 10 runs above Team Y’s score will be counted, so the final score is essentially 17 – 7. Runs for and against only matter if there is a points tie and win/loss and matchup tie between two teams.

Final season standings are based 70% on season play and 30% on finals tournament performance.


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