Community Fund


At the 2022 AGM, Mabel introduced a Community Fund initiative to further reduce financial barriers to teams and individuals by sponsoring the purchase of equipment, uniforms, player fees, and other costs.

Part of the grant that was awarded to Mabel league in 2023 was used to create this fund, and applications are now open to apply.

How it Works

There is a maximum of $300, and applications will be assessed by the Executive. Both teams and individuals may apply.

Decision Matrix:

  • Is this a team new to Mabel? New teams are considered to have a higher barrier to entry due to upfront equipment and uniform costs.
  • Is this equipment request a barrier to play? Things like catching equipment are a must just to play a game. Things like replacement equipment might not be.
  • First come first serve. Due to the size of the Community Fund, there is only so much money to distribute before we need to wait for a top-up through sponsorship, donation, or fundraising. Therefore the sooner you get an application in, the more likely there will still be money in the fund.


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