Every team has a responsibility for running a smooth league, and staying on top of reporting things to the Executive is a big part of that! On this page you will find forms and details around reporting game scores, forfeits, rainouts, fields needing care, injuries, and umpire feedback.

Reporting Scores

Each team must report the score of their game after every game, regardless of who is home team.
Report Scores

Reporting Forfeits

Fill in this form for EVERY forfeit. If you are forfeiting a game less than 24 hours before game start time, please follow up by calling the Vancouver Softball Umpire Association at (604) 525-3094 as well as the team rep of the opposing team, the UIC and the Statistician.

We will still have to pay for the umpire if we do not communicate with the VSUA at least 3 hours before the game, so it is important that we are able to act quickly in the event of last minute forfeits.
Report Forfeit

Reporting Rainouts

All games are on as scheduled unless a rainout message with date specified is posted on the League’s Facebook page and/or Instagram page. Rainouts will be announced by 4:00 pm on game days. A form does not need to be filled out if the League announces the rainout.

If a rainout is not announced, your team must show up at the field or risk forfeiture for a no-show or not enough players. If rain starts or persists, a rainout will be called at the discretion of the umpire at the field. Fill in a form for a rainout that was called at the field by the umpire. The home team is responsible to report the rainout in order to get the game re-scheduled.

In both cases games will be re-scheduled and communicated to the teams affected.

Report Rainout

Reporting Fields Needing Care

Though Mabel has no direct ability to repair or remediate fields, we do have open communications with the Vancouver Park Board that allow us to report fields that require care with the hope that they will attend to them. Please fill out the form if you feel one of the fields needs attention.

Report Field

Reporting Injuries

Slo-Pitch National’s (SPN) Incident/Injury Report must be filled out and submitted to SPN within 24 hours of the injury. Please note that even though the form states that it is to be completed only by “Umpires, League Presidents and Tournament Conveners”, it can be filled out by coaches or team reps (or umpires or Chair), but it is NOT to be completed by the injured person.

Please contact the Registrar ( for assistance in completing and submitting the form. Once we/you have submitted the incident report, we/you can request an SPN insurance claim form. The incident/injury report and other information on the SPN insurance program can be found here.

Umpire Feedback

The Executive team has an Umpire in Chief role specifically to liaise with the Regional Umpire in Chief so we can provide timely feedback on those who umpire our games.

Umpire Feedback

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