Skills Clinics

Mabel’s 2022 skills clinics will be taking place on April 9th, 2022 at Douglas Park (22nd and Laurel) at the two westernmost diamonds.

Schedule of Events
9-11am: Softball 101 and basic skills (throwing, catching/fielding, batting, basic rules and positioning)
11:30-1: Pitching (basics; establishing mechanics, lots of reps)
1:30-3:30: Softball 101 (same as first session)
4-6: Advanced skills (infield/outfield glove work, footwork at the bases; maintaining consistent contact, generating power at bat)

What to bring: water, a snack, sunscreen and/or rain gear, running shoes or cleats, glove, bat (if owned), batting helmet (if owned), questions, and willingness to try.

Athletes are welcome to stay for more than one session (ie. 101 and pitching).
Each session will begin with introductions and a gentle warm-up and will end with a cool-down and debrief.

To sign up, please fill in the following form:

    Registration cut off is at 5:00pm on Monday, April 4th.

    You must be registered on a Mabel League team or the sub list, and have completed your SPN registration, to be eligible for clinics.

    AKA The Game. This clinic requires minimal gear and is meant to introduce newbies to fastpitch softball. No familiarity with fastpitch is required.

    If you can bring a catcher, that'd be great. We'll have a certified pitching coach teaching this clinic.
    This clinic will involve mastering skills like hitting for contact, defensive foot/glove work, and tactical decision making.

    There will be some extra space on the day of if you’d like to attend and are a league member in good standing, but haven’t signed up. However, we would like to have an idea of numbers so we can plan accordingly.

    Please bring your own equipment (gloves especially).