April 13 Team Rep Meeting Minutes

MINUTES: April 13, 2015

Mabel League Team Rep and Executive Meeting

Alma Blackwell Common Room, 1656 Adanac Street Vancouver, B.C. V5L 2C6

7:00 pm: RULES CLINIC with Softball BC UIC Pat Dooley and Mabel League UIC Shannon

The rules clinic is mandatory and each team must send at least one Representative.

The following rules were clarified by Pat Dooley:

Orange bag vs. white bag at first base: In the normal course the batter uses the orange safety bag, and may run through this bag; the fielder uses the white bag. The batter has ½ way to the base to get into the safety corridor (the run line in foul territory). If the ball is thrown by a fielder and hits the runner in this zone, interference may be called. If a fielder is fielding the ball in foul territory by first base, they may use the orange safety bag and the batter should use the white bag. This is also applicable on a 3rd strike drop ball.

Overthrown base advancement: The rule is 2 bases from the last base touched or occupied. It is NOT the base headed for plus one. The 2 bases are awarded based on the point the ball was first touched, not when it went out of play. Base-runners are reminded to tag-up if it was a fly-ball caught then overthrown, or they are in danger of being called out after advancing their bases.

Fly ball catches: When the ball is first touched is when tagging up can happen. It is NOT necessary to wait for the fielder to gain control of the ball.

Protests: Eligibility of a player is the only thing you have 24 hours to protest. All other protests must be lodged before the next pitch it thrown.

In-field fly call: 3 criteria to make the call: fewer than 2 out; at least 2 players in a forced running position and the ball must have been able to be caught with ordinary effort. The definition of “in-field” will vary at the discretion of the umpire depending on how deeply the in-field players are positioned.

Control of the ball: There is no black and white position on a tag where the ball leaves the glove with regular contact. That is the discretion of the umpire. Intentional contact with the glove to cause loss of control may be called as interference. The ball must be in the glove or hand to be considered in control. Bobbled balls or balls trapped against bodies are not in control. The fielder must be able to make a play with the ball for it to be considered controlled.

Re-entry to the game: Original batters can leave and come back into the game in the same position on the batting order. Fielders may field in any position. Substituted players may not re-enter the game after they have been replaced.


Team Rep Meeting called to order at 7:28 p.m.


Carmen (Tanks), Clare (Plan B), Meg (Marla Hooch), Amanda (Heartbreakers), Pia (Team Sway), Tasha (Boom), Jodi (Leonard), Shelby and EJ (Ballerz), Jeanette (BB9), Nancy (Kugars), Gianna (Reckless), Caitlin and Suzanne (Isotopes), Romy (Beavers), Becky (Oddballs), Jade and Shelley (Wombats), Shawna (50 Shades of Gay), Coree (nakeds)

Exec: Kris, Amil, Tammy, Chester, Bri, Allie, Elan, Stacey, Rebecca

No rep was present from Deep in the Bush.

Chair: Tammy

  1. Welcome
  2. A Mabel League Trans* Inclusion Policy has been adopted by the executive on behalf of the league. Rather than make it part of our by-laws which would require a vote at the AGM, the executive has added the policy to the Operating Rules. In a nutshell the aim of the policy is to move our league from one that is accepting of trans* players to one that is actively inclusive. The policy is the first step in a culture shift. This will manifest itself initially in language. We are looking to team reps to be trans* allies in communicating the policy to teammates and being gentle, but strong, reminding voices when hearing older, gendered, language being used.

– A suggestion was received from the floor that we remove reference to the league being more about community than competition. It was agreed to strike that line in its entirety.

– A suggestion was received from the floor that perhaps the line about hormone levels was out of place. Discussion ensued. It was agreed that the line needed to remain in the policy, but that it could be moved to after the sentence currently following it. Resources will also be made available on the Mabel website for anyone seeking information about trans* folk in general and hormones in particular. – A question from the floor enquired about whether it was acceptable to refer to one’s teammates as “ladies” if everyone on the team is female-identified and accepting of the term. It was agreed that yes, this would be fine. The spirit of the policy is to encourage teams to check in with their players with regard to each person’s preferred pronoun, it is not meant to outlaw gendered language. Please keep any cheering for other teams gender-neutral.

– If anyone has any further questions or concerns, please contact Tammy at chair@mabelleague.com

Co-Chair: Elan

  1. Skills Clinics – were successfully held this past weekend. Saturday, June 13 is the date set for the second round. Please sign your players up as you did for the first round. Shannon, who coached the skills clinics, is offering a Catchers clinic on April 26. The cost is $10 per person. You can sign up at coach@softballtutor.ca Shannon is also available to teams at a reduced rate of $45/hour. – A suggestion was received from the floor that next year the session called “the game” be divided into two levels – an absolute beginner’s guide to softball, and a higher level for those moving into coaching

Stats: Kris

  1. Schedule: It is finished and will be sent out as soon as the final field permit is received.

Fields: Amil (presented by Kris)

  1. Fields update: fields have been settled. Just waiting on the final permits.

UIC: Shannon

  1. Hand out softballs: Each team gets a dozen game balls. Please ensure that you provide a new ball and a near-new ball at each of your home games.

Registrar: Sarah (presented by Tammy)

  1. Accurate Rosters: Please ensure your rosters are accurate and fully signed. YOU CANNOT PLAY IF YOU ARE NOT SIGNED UP ON SPN!!
  2. LIL Registration forms and fees due May 11
  3. New players list: There are still about 50 people on the list. Please consider adding players to your rosters and contact Sarah if you pick anyone up so she can remove them from the list.

Treasurer: Rebecca

  1. Balance of team fees ($950 + $200 forfeit bond = $1150) due May 11. Please keep in mind these amounts vary for the three teams who did not cash their forfeit bond repayments last season (the teams have been informed) and for the three teams with the most participation points last year (nakeds, Kugars, Oddballs) who pay a reduced fee this season.
  2. LIL fees ($350) due May 11. You may write one cheque for both league fees and Lil fees.
  3. Budget update: Numbers have been changed to reflect the realities of 19 teams registered vs. the 17 in the original budget. We are now running at a deficit for the year because we purchased 2 years worth of game balls because they were such a good price. This deficit will be balanced out by next year’s expected surplus from not having to purchase balls.

Special Events: Bri

  1. Meltdown update: May 9 is the tentative date. Details will come out via social media as they are confirmed.

New Business – None

Meeting adjourned at 8:11 p.m.